3 Web Design Tips to Increase Sales and Traffic

While the eCommerce industry has been enjoying rapid growth in recent years, many business owners still fail to achieve the speedy growth they desire for their eCommerce sites. If sales may be lagging or you’re far behind your sales target, it’s essential to look for ways to grow your revenue faster without the additional cost. 

A well-strategized web design is one of the most effective tools to grow your online business. Every element of your eCommerce business, from your logo to your website’s overall aesthetic and functionality to marketing brochures, must be strategically designed to ensure an excellent user experience. On the other hand, poor design and web optimization will not only slow down your sales but put your business in a negative light. 

Apply these three web design tips and witness your business sales skyrocket in no time. 

  • Optimizing website loading speed

The strength and resilience of your business will depend on the form and function of your eCommerce site. A website with subpar design and slow loading speed will turn away all potential customers even before you are given a chance to present your pitch. As consumers look at design as an essential criterion of credibility, a poorly designed website will do more harm than good to your business.  

An experienced San Diego web design company recommends to refrain from using data-intensive photos and graphics and opt for a clean design with minimal graphics. You deliver maximum impact to your audience by smartly using design elements at faster loading speeds. 

  • Target recurring customers with remarketing and email campaigns

It’s more efficient to sell your products to existing customers than connect with prospective customers. Your marketing efforts should focus on growing loyal customers if you wish to experience rapid sales growth. Existing customers are more receptive to your ads, as they already have first-hand experience dealing with your business. Use eye-catching designs, pair them with an enticing offer, and watch how your sales will increase over time. 

An expert digital marketing San Diego agency will tell you that an email campaign is a tried-and-tested technique that will attract existing customers to shop from your website again. So, make sure to create a well-designed email template to bring your customers back to your website. 

  • Create a mobile-optimized website for consumers

ECommerce business owners should be aware of the importance of having a website optimized for mobile devices. As more consumers opt to use their mobile phones and tablets to shop for things they need, it becomes imperative for eCommerce enterprises to keep up with the times. In building an eCommerce site, don’t forget to optimize it for mobile users. A highly responsive, intuitive, and navigable mobile web platform will sell itself and attract old and new customers to your site.  

As mobile eCommerce is fast becoming the most common method for consumers to view and purchase products, it is imperative to optimize your mobile platform by regularly posting content on your social media pages. In addition, you can implement personalization and upsell tools and optimize the check-out experience to ensure a steady growth in sales for your business. 

Final thoughts

Hiring a skilled San Diego web design company will be crucial in creating and developing an engaging and compelling eCommerce website and impacting sales and the overall growth of your business.