Converting Into Islam HAJJ PLUS

From the Pillars of Hercules inside the Atlantic to the Indonesia Archipelago in the Pacific,Guest Posting a vile and putrid Green Curtain threatens its descent to enshroud and enslave a good sized swath of earth’s inhabitants. An Islamic Empire, the resurrection of the Moslem Caliphate, envelopes “with more monetary and military and political strength . . . Able to boost their stated time table: to haji plus broaden weapons of mass destruction . . . Break Israel . . . Intimidate Europe . . . Attack the American humans . . . And blackmail our authorities into isolation.” (Remarks via President Bush before the National Endowment for Democracy at the War on Terror, October, 2005).

“We will confront this mortal risk to all humanity . . . We will not tire, or relaxation . . . We will see freedom’s victory . . . We need to forestall them . . . We can in no way back down, never supply in, and never be given whatever less than complete victory . . . There is no peace with out victory . . . We will maintain our nerve and we are able to win that victory!

“The militants believe that controlling one u . S . A . Will rally the Muslim hundreds, permitting them to overthrow all moderate governments in the vicinity, and set up a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia . . . They are fanatical and intense . . . Fully devoted . . . As Zarqawi has vowed, ‘We will both reap victory over the human race or we are able to skip to the eternal existence’ . . . We have to forestall them before their crimes can multiply!” (Excerpts from Bush’s speech.)


The conflict strains are certainly drawn; the identity of the implacable foe fully delineated; the sinister intentions and methodologies of this cowardly lot were, by our President, uncovered earlier than the entire international for what they surely are: THE HERETICS OF ISLAM!

Furthermore, “those extremists want to cease American and Western have an impact on inside the broader Middle East, due to the fact we stand for democracy and peace, and stand within the manner of their goals (as quoted through Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda’s chief): ‘(We) commit our resources, sons and money to using the infidels out of (our) lands . . . The entire international is looking this warfare and the 2 adversaries (viz. Western Civilization vs. Islamic Civilization) . . . It’s both victory and glory, or distress and humiliation!” (OBL).

The President likened “Radical Islam’s . . . Warfare in opposition to humanity” (i.E., the “civilized world”) to the battle towards fanatical despots like Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot—branding all of them as “EVIL MEN, passionate about ambition and unburdened by using judgment of right and wrong.”

Theirs is a “murderous ideology . . . The remarkable challenge of our new century!” They are the killers of “Daniel Pearl, Nicholas Berg, Margaret Hassan and of Theo Van Gogh.” They justify their random killings “ . . . Due to the fact I agree with you are an infidel.”

They disguise in the back of the “veneer of spiritual rhetoric . . . (they want to) rule the soul itself . . . While promising a destiny of justice and holiness.” Indeed, the President’s religious definitions/expressions swirl at some stage in his whole speech: “The excuses for violence (variety from) the Israeli presence at the West Bank . . . The U.S. Army presence in Saudi Arabia . . . The defeat of the Taliban . . . Or the CRUSADES of 1000 years ago.”